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Short Scar Facelift

Short Scar Face Lift Surgery in Tampa Bay

You may benefit from a Short Scar Face Lift (Minimal Incision Face Lift) if you are unhappy with how the aging process is affecting your facial appearance.

What is a short-scar facelift?

Short-Scar Facelift Surgery, or Minimal-Incision Facelift, is a lift that repositions the skin and soft tissues of the face that have been affected Z-ICON- SHORT SCAR LIFTby the aging process. The principle difference between a short-scar lift and other “traditional” facelifts is that the short-scar lift features a significantly reduced scar burden. The scarring in the crease behind the ear and in the hairline behind the ear is largely or completely eliminated.

This procedure, performed by Board Certified Palm Harbor Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Isidoros Moraitis, is a multi-layer, multi-vector lift where the internal soft tissue structures (the so-called “SMAS” layer and malar fat pad) are adjusted separately from the overlying skin.

Why do Dr. Moraitis Palm Harbor and Tampa Bay patients want to eliminate or minimize the scarring behind the ear?

Of the scarring associated with a Traditional Facelift, Dr. Moraitis has found that often the scar in the crease behind the ear is the most objectionable to his patients. This is because scarring in this area has a higher tendency to widen and thicken compared to the scarring in other areas of the face.

When scars are placed in the hair behind the ear, there is almost always a slight permanent change in the hairline and the hair must be styled to provide camouflage for this area.

By minimizing or eliminating the scarring in these areas, Dr. Moraitis has found that the most objectionable scarring of a facelift is reduced or eliminated.

Short-Scar Facelift Incisions

The incisions (and ultimately the scars) for a Short-Scar Lift begin in the temporal hair and extend downward, in front of the ear to the earlobe. For some of Dr. Moraitis’ Short-Scar Lift patients, the incision can extend behind the earlobe or slightly behind the ear.

An alternative incision is to place the incision along the temporal hairline, rather than within the temporal hair. In order to minimize the incision at the earlobe area and minimize distortion of the sideburn for men, Dr. Moraitis sometimes makes a horizontal “dart” incision just below the sideburn.

Am I a Candidate for a Short Scar Face Lift in Palm Harbor?

For Dr. Moraitis’ patients whose concern is correction of mid-facial aging, they may benefit from The Short Scar Facelift. Typical Short Scar Lift patients are usually under the age of 60, but Dr. Moraitis has successfully performed this procedure for older patients also.

You may benefit from Short Scar Face Lift Surgery if you experience sagging in the midface and deep creases below the lower eyelids or from the nose to the corners of your mouth (nasolabial folds) as a result of loss in muscle tone, displaced fat, or loose skin and excess fat deposits of the face.

It’s important for Dr. Moraitis’ patients at East Lake Plastic Surgery Center to understand that the Sort Scar Lift is limited in its ability to provide correction of loose and sagging skin and soft tissue in the neck in comparison to Traditional Facelift Surgery. This is the principle disadvantage of the Short Scar Lift Procedure.

Where will your short-scar facelift be performed?

Board Certified Palm Harbor Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Isidoros Moraitis, performs most facial rejuvenation procedures as an outpatient at a local hospital.

Cosmetic Consultation

A  consultation with Dr. Moraitis to discuss your options for Short Scar Face Lift Surgery can help you decide if it is right for you.

For more information on Short Scar Lift Surgery or to schedule a consultation with Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Isidoros Moraitis, at our Palm Harbor plastic surgery practice, please contact us by calling (727) 219-9168 today or by completing our contact form to request a personal contact from our office.